‘Its that time of night’

Fate – Destiny – Blog explanation – Concepts – A few words.

Currently I am heavily into the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I was thinking deep about this most famous and successful franchise, its plot and the morality tale that it fundamentally contains. We all know about the Jedi Knights fighting against the Sith, its most famous characters being that of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader and lesser well known ones, but by no means less important, the battle between Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker. The whole six episodes deal with issues such as pride, faith, anger, morality, the power of light over darkness, falls and eventual redemption. Also, and this made me think a lot more deeply about the storyline, fate and destiny are two main components throughout the two trilogies. Luke, Anakins son, ends up fated to discover his Sister, Princess Leia through the astrodroid R2-D2 – who is on a mission to find Obi-Wan-Kenobi. Anakin, as a boy, is fated to find Qui-Gon-Jinn – the Jedi Master from Episode One – and ends up being saved from slavery and is trained to be a Jedi. Qui-Gons discovery of Anakin stems from the conflict on Naboo caused by the Trade Federation and Separatists being told to blockade the planet by none other than the Sith Chancellor Palpatine. If Palpatine had not guided the Trade Federation into this conflict, then Anakin would have remained undiscovered. What force was working for this destiny to happen? Obviously the whole two trilogies are stories and hold no basis in actual reality – but re-watching them recently made me think a lot more deeper than I have done over these great films. They are, I would suggest, a futuristic science fiction tale from the Bible, combining politics, conflict, good vs. bad.


I was re-reading the blog posts I had created since December 2008, the date I activated my WordPress account. I think now at this point that I am really unsure what to write here, online. I believe that some of the life-situation posts were an attempt to explain how I felt since my ex-wife decided to throw me out of my home and, most importantly, what I suffered consequently, such as suffering and experiencing homelessness (and what an eye-opener that was), being robbed, violently assaulted and so on. As I stated, I am a quiet, gentle, sensitive guy and this really shook and rocked my whole world – and I still think that I have not recovered from it and probably will never forget. Blogging, for me, was a method of trying to literally and mentally deal with issues from this and I just may have tread on some of my families toes by saying things, which quite fundamentally, are very very personal to me. This also makes me question why I said things, or posted articles which basically bared my soul to, at a base level, the whole world. I am a private man, but I felt a need to write what I wrote and make it public. I did not go out to hurt peoples feelings – it was not my intent, and for those who will read this, all I can say is that I am sorry for re-opening things that were best left untouched. I am sorry.

Also, this blog contains works that I created whilst I studied a creative writing course. From the first one about some important childhood memories, to some short stories that I wrote for a particular girl that I really really cared about. I think the creative writing class I took was probably the best course I had ever taken – unfortunately I stopped attending, but it made me create some literate things and encouraged me to write deep from my heart. My teacher was lovely too and this always helps.

Not much is happening in my life at the moment. I am trying hard to finish reading the whole of the Dune novels – I had only read the first trilogy before, but now am making a final effort to finish the rest of them. What a great series they are however. Highly recommended. Great Science Fiction without it being Science. More philosophical than future technology and this good.


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