Life sometimes seems to be some kind of huge, one thousand piece jigsaw, which you assemble as you progress through the ages. What picture, or scene it forms into really depends on your experiences throughout life; a nice landscape for instance, with the sun slowly setting in the distance; or even a picturesque scene on a beach, or of a nice seaside resort, blue sky, sunny day; pictures portraying happy times, good love and a successful, honest, caring life. However, for a few of us, it is never like this. For what reason is open to debate and we can think on why this was so. Instead a bleak, dark cloudy picture of some dreary wind-swept moor, maybe with an abandoned manor house in a state of disrepair, could be the picture it morphs into. Despair. There may be some break in the clouds further along, offering a small ray of light onto the scene (candlelight), a glimmer of happiness, as you assemble and put together the incredibly small pieces of this puzzle; but on the whole it’s a dreary image. And this really is an abstract portrayal of existence; your life into a puzzle, being assembled piece by piece as time continues its relentless march into, or through, your destiny.

And I suppose, as you build the perimeter of your scene, as you embark upon assembling what will be the puzzle of your destiny, this will be the formative years, and this will decide whether you build a nice blue sky or an overcast day. I suppose though, that it could start with a nice image, a nice surrounding, but as you build this jigsaw, it could slowly become dreary and a not so wholesome scene, indicating something working against your much deserved happiness. And, I suppose, this puzzle symbolises the paths you choose to take in life. However, many things can conspire to throw you off that path, and they do, conspiracies in life’s various guises all dressed up to entice and ruin. It appears as if it is like some huge game being played.


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