I remember those days,
Days of love and sun,
Sat in my room,
With sun throwing its beams through the window,
Hot summer days and sparkling, mystic nights;
And Love was flowing along its dream like there were no tomorrows.

Books were digested, devoured, loved.
Wisdom gained from the pages of history;
Words flowing along the river of knowledge,
Soaking into the consciousness.
Learning, just learning
About an ethos of understanding – and of compassion.

And I remember how things were;
The love made,
the sighs,
the rhythmic pulsing of naked bodies
Locked together in a passion
Which would fill the soul with its beauty, desire and charm.

And they were days of innocence;
Of lustful longing and a heart full of desire;
Those warm summer days spreading their rays of warmth
Into an innocent heart full of a thirst for knowledge, of life,
For the ones I loved.


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